Our Team


Sundar V. AtreEndowed Chair of Manufacturing & Materials, University of Louisville
Kunal H. KateAssistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering, University of Louisville

Current Students

Subrata Deb Nath, Ph.D., Laser-Powder Bed Fusion of Tool Steels

Harish Irrinki, Ph.D., Laser-Powder Bed Fusion of  Stainless Steels

Joo Won Oh, Ph.D.Laser-Powder Bed Fusion of  Refractory Metals

Abdullah Abdulmogith, B.S., Injection Molding of PZT Micropillar Arrays

Mohith Ram Buxani, B.S, Evaluation of  Direct Metal Laser Sintered Injection Molds 

Jeff Sparks, M.Eng, Fused Deposition Modeling with Biomaterials

Keren Callen, M.Eng, Fused Deposition Modeling with Carbon Composites

Nirupama Warrier, M.S., Fused Deposition Modeling with Metals

Postdoctoral Scholars

Dr. Swathi VunnamMaterials Design for Advanced Manufacturing

Dr. Samuel DilipMetallurgical Attributes of  L-PBF Components

Dr. Kunal KateDigital Manufacturing & Design 2015-2016

Project Engineers

Timothy Batchelor, M.S., Design of Powder-Bed Additive Manufacturing Machines 2016

Abdul Khader Khan, M.S., Digital Tools for Design-To-Manufacture with Powder Injection Molding 2016

David Knadler, M.S., Additive Manufactured Tooling for Injection Molding 2016

Jason Porter, M.S., Binder Jetting of Metals and Ceramics 2016



1. Christian Buesch, Ph.D., Cellulose Nanocrystal Aerogels, Fall 2015

2. Kunal Kate, Ph.D.,  Powder Injection Molded Aluminum Nitride, Spring 2015

3. Richard Chinn, Ph.D., Micro-Patterned Silicon Carbide, Spring 2015

4. Kyoung C. Kim, Ph.D., VRP for Microelectronic Industry, Spring 2011

5. Negar A. Monfared, Ph.D., Structure-Processing Relationships in the Fabrication of Nanopores and Nanorods, Winter 2011

6. Onbattuvelli P. Valmikanathan, Ph.D., The Effects of Nanoparticle Addition on the Structure, Processing and Properties of Aluminum Nitride and Silicon Carbide, Fall 2010

7. Siddhartha Bhowmik, Ph.D., Nanostructured Periodic Metallic Arrays on Polymers, Spring 2009

8. Manish G. Bothara, Ph.D., Microstructure & Properties of Nanocrystalline SiC Consolidated by Plasma Pressure Compaction, Summer 2007

9. Ravi Kumar Enneti (with R. German), Ph.D., Evolution of Shape Loss During Polymer Burnout in Powder Metallurgy, Spring 2005


1. Harish Irrinki, M.S., Direct Metal Laser Sintering of  Stainless Steels, Spring 2016

2. Brenton Barmore, M.S., 3-D Printed Metal Tooling, Spring 2016

3. Renee Martin, M.S., PIM Design of Zirconia-Toughened Mullite UAV Microturbines, Spring 2013

4. Kunal Kate, M.S., Predicting Polymer-Powder Properties For Injection Molding Simulations of AlN, Fall 2012

5. Juergen Lenz, M.S., Materials and Process Design for Powder Injection Molding of Silicon Nitride, Winter 2012

6. David Mandrell, M.S., High-Throughput Toxicology Screening of Nanomaterials, Spring 2010

7. Sachin Laddha, M.S., Process and Materials Design for Alumina Microchannels Produced by PIM, Fall 2008

8. Onbattuvelli P. Valmikanathan , M.S., Synthesis and Properties of Palladium/Polycarbonate Nanocomposites, Spring 2007

9. Kartavya Jain, M.S., Synthesis of Silicon Nitride Nanoparticles in A Microreactor: Design, Fabrication & Testing, Spring 2007

10. Sweda Noorani (with J. Simonsen), M.S., Cellulose Nanocrystal/Polysulfone Nanocomposites, Spring 2006

11. Roshan Urval, M.S., CAE-Based Process Design of PIM for Microfluidic Device Components, Fall 2004

12. Chris Wilbur (with S. Joshi), M.S., Rotational Molding of Powdered Metals, Spring 2004

13. Katia Menendez (with P. Cohen), M.S., Green Machining of Powder-Polymer Mixtures, Spring 2001