Entrepreneurial efforts emerging from our research

Home Dialysis Plus

Selwa Health

Peregrine Power

Portable kidney dialysis using microchannel arrays and nanocomposite membranes

(w/ G. Jovanovic, J. Simonsen, B. Paul, A. Chang, V. Remcho) 


Powder injection molded aluminum nitride for high operating temperature packaging 

(w/ O. Valmikanathan)

Aesthetic Materials, Inc.

Lead replacement technologies for  medical, transportation, sporting, and defense applications

(w/ R. German and K. Elliott)

Pre-natal diagnostics using nano/micro sensors interfaced with a mobile phone platform

(w/ R. Krishnan)

Aesthetic Materials, LLC

Sintered bronze sculptures, memorablia and household fittings

replacing the lost-wax process

(w/ R. German, J. Thomas, M. Pilato)

Wear-resistant tooling materials and rapid tooling process for industrial machinery and molding cavities

(w/ R. German, J. Thomas, T. Weaver, M. Bradley) 

Evaluated hundreds of new business proposals for National Institutes of Health, National Academy of Sciences, National Science Foundation, and Environmental Protection Agency